Images and Media Files

ArtCat Hosting will automatically generate thumbnails and other sizes it needs to display your website. You should upload high-quality images (at least 2000×2000 pixels) so that we can optimize for Retina displays, and have access to it for future versions which may have a zooming feature.

Image Sizes

These are the current sizes we generate:

  • Non-cropped thumbnail to fit within 140×140 pixels
  • Cropped square thumbnail, 140×140 pixels
  • Non-cropped large image to fit within 600×600 pixels
  • Non-cropped extra-large image to fit within 800×800 pixels


If you upload a logo, we recommend Mac users use ImageOptim to optimize the image first.


You may upload a video, and we will encode it for display on the web. You may also provide the embed code from Vimeo, YouTube, or another host (preferred). If you provide both an uploaded movie file and embed code, we will display the embedded version on your website.